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Aim of the Research Network

EuroSafe is a non-governmental organisation, representing organisations and individuals working to prevent injury and to promote safety. This includes policies and actions for promoting child safety, consumer safety, safety for seniors, safety of vulnerable road users, safety in sports and the prevention of violence and self harm.

Principal investigator
Wim Rogmans
Participating Institutions
11 countries :
Institution Country Website
TÜV Austria Services GMBH Austria
Kuratorium fur Verkehrssicherheit Austria
Child Injury Research Center Austria
TIC Council International
Underwriters Laboratories International
The European Federation of Road Traffic Victims International
Finnish Institute for Health and Welfare, Finland - THL Finland
UKK Institute Finland
State Office for Occupational Safety, Consumer Protection and Health (LAVG) Germany
International Life Saving Federation of Europe International
European Interdisciplinary Applied Research Center for Safety International
Luxembourg Institute of Health (IHL) Luxembourg
Consumer Safety Institute Netherlands
Direcção-Geral do Consumidor Portugal
Instituto Nacional de Saude Doutor Ricardo Jorge Portugal
Portuguese Association for Child Safety Promotion Portugal
British Toy & Hobby Ass. Ltd. United Kingdom
Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents United Kingdom
Electrical Safety First United Kingdom
Norwegian Safety Forum Norway
Icelandic Assosiation for Search and Rescue and Accident Prevention Iceland
Swiss Council for Accident Prevention – Bfu Switzerland
The International Consumer Product Health and Safety Organization (ICPHSO) International
World Health Organisation International
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Updated on 07 November 2022