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What is the Health Information Portal?

The Health Information Portal is a one-stop shop facilitating access to population health and health care data, information and expertise in Europe.

The aim of the Health Information Portal is to provide access to population health and healthcare data across Europe. The portal is the gateway for researchers and policy makers to make use of the services of the Research Infrastructure on Population Health Information (PHIRI).

The Health Information Portal contains catalogues for Data sources, National and European projects, Research Infrastructures, capacity building activities, and COVID-19 related resources that help researchers to find and access population health information in a timely manner. An overview to the data model and metadata elements of specific modules of the Health Information Portal can be accessed here

The Portal provides information on:

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Based on partners and users' feedback, the Portal is constantly updated and improved to provide the researchers and policy makers in Europe with key population health information for their work and research. 


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