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What is the Health Information Portal?

The Health Information Portal is a one-stop shop facilitating access to population health and health care data, information and expertise in Europe.

The Health Information Portal is developed in The Joint Action on Health Information (JA InfAct) and the PHIRI Project (Population Health Information Research Infrastructure). Please note that this Portal is a work in progress: in PHIRI we expand, update and improve the Portal. 

The aim of the Health Information Portal is to provide access to population health and healthcare data across Europe. The portal is the gateway for potential users to make use of the services of the Research Infrastructure on population health that was ideated in InfAct and that will be implemented in PHIRI and DIPoH.

The Health Information Portal contains catalogues for Health Information (HI) sources, National and European projects, Research Infrastructure, capacity building activities, and COVID-19 related resources that will help researchers to find and access population health information in a timely manner. An overview to the data model of the Health Information Portal and metadata elements of specific modules of the Health Information Portal can be accessed here

The Portal provides information on:

HIP picture


What is a National Node (NN)?

The NN is an organisational entity, often linked to a core group of national institutions or governmental units that function as a national liaison and brings together relevant national stakeholders in a systematic way. The relevant stakeholders may include, for example, the national statistical office, the national public health institutes, representatives from ministries of health, research and/or science, and others. In addition, the NN may function as a discussion and advisory forum in matters of health data and information both for national or international matters. Examples include aspects of the governance of data, indicators and health reporting at the international level and health information stakeholders at national level.


What is a Research Network (RN)?

A Research Network (RN) is an active network of national and/or regional experts from several countries that perform comparative research in a specific health area (information domain).