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The Health Information Portal Services

The Health Information Portal provides large-scale, integrated and sustainable services to population health sciences through four main services:

  1. A one-stop shop: a library providing the data catalogue on health and health care data and their meta-data as well as methods. It facilitates access and (re-)use of European data for research on the health of populations and on health care systems.
  2. Investing in innovation in health information development for population health research to support health researchers use pan-European data in a distributed way, link different data sources and make their research FAIR and ELSI compliant.
  3. Providing capacity building to promote interoperability and tackle health information inequalities: learning about management of data on population health and health care starting from the phase of designing data collections to analysis, reporting and preservation. Training of the health research community involves both the data producers and data users.
  4. Assisting the health research community in developing methods for knowledge translation research to support decision-making processes. This is the return of investment to society improving the health of the European citizens and increasing the efficiency of our health care systems.


Health information catalogue

The first service provided by the Health Information Portal is a one-stop shop for EU health information research. This is presented in the form of a catalogue of the networks (including the National Nodes and the DSN), different experts in health information domains, links to different databases, and a list of tools and guidelines available on the web platform.


Supporting actions for innovation in health information research

The second service aims to support innovation in health information research. The following aspects are part of the service for innovation for health information:

  • Innovative use of data sources (road map)
  • Health indicators estimated from linked data/advanced statistics
  • Generic methods
  • Development of new methods
  • Best practices/Inspiring examples (impact in practices)
  • Computing services
  • Interoperability services
  • Tools services


Services related to capacity building

The services provided by training are organised in a sub section under capacity building services.


Decision-making based on evidence-based research

The last services provided by the  Health Information Portal are related to decision-making. The section is divided into two sections: policy recourse and policy processes.