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Euro Bioimaging
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Aim of the network/project

Euro-BioImaging is the European landmark research infrastructure for biological and biomedical imaging as recognised by the European Strategy Forum on Research Infrastructures (ESFRI). Through Euro-BioImaging, life scientists can access imaging instruments, expertise, training opportunities and data management services that they might not find at their home institutions or among their collaboration partners. All scientists, regardless of their affiliation, area of expertise or field of activity can benefit from these pan-European open access services, which are provided with high quality standards by leading imaging facilities.

Euro-BioImaging Mission

  • To provide access, services and training to state-of-the-art imaging technologies for all life scientists in Europe and beyond
  • To foster the liaison and cooperation of all its stakeholders (including scientists, industry, national and European authorities)
Participating Institutions
12 countries :
Institution Country Website
Austrian BioImaging/CMI Austria
Sofia BioImaging Node - Advanced Light Microscopy Node Sofia Bulgaria Bulgaria
Advanced Light and Electron Microscopy Node Prague CZ Czech Republic…
Advanced Light Microscopy and Medical Imaging Node Brno CZ Czech Republic
Euro-BioImaging EMBL-Node Germany
Finnish Advanced Light Microscopy Node Finland
Finnish Biomedical Imaging Node Finland
French BioImaging Node France
Cellular Imaging Hungary Hungary
Advanced Light Microscopy Italian Node Italy
Molecular Imaging Italian Node Italy
Phase Contrast Imaging Flagship Node Trieste Italy
Challenges Framework Flagship Node Netherlands
Correlative Light Microscopy Dutch Flagship Node Netherlands…
Erasmus MC OIC - Advanced Light Microscopy Rotterdam Node Netherlands…
NorMIC Oslo - Advanced Light Microscopy Node Oslo Norway…
NORMOLIM, Norwegian Molecular Imaging Infrastructure Norway
Portuguese Platform of BioImaging (PPBI) Portugal
Swedish National Microscopy Infrastructure Sweden
Updated on 28 May 2021