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Covid-19 measures – Update per October 2023

The following Y/N questions, asked in a live poll during the meeting, are intended to be displayed on the Health Information Portal:

A. Vaccination

1. Is Covid-19 vaccination for free in your country?

2. Is a booster vaccination free in your country?

3. Is Covid-19 vaccination or booster available in pharmacies?

4. Do you have a vaccination strategy / recommendation for children below 12 years?

B. Surveillance

5. Is there a Long-Covid strategy in place in your country?

6. Does your country have a registry on Long-Covid patients?

7. Is there a wastewater monitoring in your country or at least regionally?

8. Is there a national Covid-19 dashboard that is currently being serviced?

C. Measures

9. Are there actually any measures or restrictions in place?

10. Is self-testing for free in your country?

11. Is it possible to book a test-slot for free in your country?

12. Is it possible to book a test-slot against payment in your country?

13. Is it mandatory to wear face masks in hospital settings?

14. Is an evaluation of the pandemic measures in your country planned or already ongoing?

15. Can the pandemic response team be reactivated any time quickly (within 2 days)?