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Treatment of long Covid patients

In order to keep up with this topic, we would kindly ask for a follow-up to REF 14 (07/06/21):

  • How does your country organise the physical and psychological treatment of long COVID patients, especially with regard to Mental Health?
  • Are there specialized clinics/departments/centres in place or are specialized clinics/departments/centres currently being developed?

       If so, please provide details, such as:

       - Which professional groups (specialists, nurses, psychologists, …) and disciplines are involved?

       - How can individuals access the clinics (walk-in, referral …)?

       - Are the clinics stand-alone entities or part of larger institutions such as hospitals or primary care centres?

  • Are there specific pathways in the treatment of children and youths established?

       If so, please provide details, such as:

      - Is there a publicly funded facility for parents to obtain publicly funded long Covid consultations with specialised physicians?

      - Have any day care centres been set up for children affected by long Covid?

  • Is there any available data on waiting times or information on bridging measures during the waiting period for a specialized programme?
  • Is there any legal protection or special support for employees (not to get terminated or pressured, e.g. helpline) in the process of diagnosis-finding?