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Digitalisation - going from a paper death certificate to an (100%) electronic death certificate

  • Could you describe the dataflow, from the source filling in the death certificate to the final destination (statistical institute or others)? The different stages through which a death certificate passes would be of interest.
  • If necessary, could you describe the process of making this transition between paper registration and electronic registration? What were the specific periods & phases? Have you planned a hybrid situation (paper/electronic) or an exit from the paper system and a direct transition to electronics?
  • Have you implemented direct cause-of-death coding using ICD-10 codes in the registration tool or does the doctor have to type? If you implemented direct ICD-10 coding in the tool, who set it up and is there still manual code checking? Does it contain a kind of decision tree to fill it out/to avoid obvious errors?
  • Is there a real time use of this digital data? And if not, have you planned a direct use of the data in case of epidemiological emergencies (such as COVID-19).