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Health Technology Assessment
EUnetHTA Colalboration
EUnetHTA Project
Aim of the network/project

The general objective for EUnetHTA JA3 (2016-2021) is to increase the use, quality and efficiency of joint HTA work at European level to support evidence-based, sustainable and equitable choices in healthcare and health technologies and ensure re-use in regional and national HTA reports and activities, in order notably to avoid duplication of assessments. An overarching objective is to develop a general strategy, principles and proposal for a scientific and technical mechanism of permanent sustainable European Collaboration on HTA

The general objective of EUnetHTA JA2 (2012-2015) is to strengthen the practical application of tools and approaches to cross-border HTA collaboration. The JA2 aims at bringing collaboration to a higher level resulting in better understanding for the Commission and Member States (MS) of the ways to establish a sustainable structure for HTA in the EU.

EUnetHTA JA1 (2010-2012)

The overarching objective of EUnetHTA JA1 (2010-2012), including work on relative effectiveness assessment (REA) of pharmaceuticals, is to put into practice an effective and sustainable HTA collaboration in Europe that brings added value at the European, national and regional level.

EUnetHTA Colalboration (2009): The EUnetHTA Collaboration was launched in November 2008 in order to continue the work initiated during the EUnetHTA project.  

The general objective of the EUnetHTA Project (2006-2008) is to establish an effective and sustainable European Network for Health Technology Assessment – EUnetHTA that informs policy decisions




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European Collaboration in Medical Device Assessment: One Step Towards Cross-Border Health Care
European network for Health Technology Assessment Joint Action (EUnetHTA JA): a process evaluation performed by questionnaires and documentary analysis
Experiences in adapting european network for health technology assessment rapid reviews to inform local decision making
The value of the european network for health technology assessment (EUnetHTA) outputs for national health technology assessment: The French experience
Collaboration in health technology assessment (EUnetHTA joint action, 2010-2012): four case studies
Preliminary experience in the context of the EUnetHTA Joint Action Project Framewor
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