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Aim of the network/project

The Observatory is a partnership that brings together different policy perspectives to identify what health systems and policies evidence Europe’s decision makers need. The Observatory then generates and shares the evidence in print, in ‘person’ and online – acting as a knowledge broker and bridging the gap between academia and practice. The Observatory has four core functions:

  • Country monitoring: providing analytic and evaluative descriptions of country health systems and systematically monitoring developments;
  • Analysis: exploring how health systems ‘work’ through secondary and comparative research, multi-disciplinary studies and policy briefs on key and emerging challenges;
  • Performance assessment: supporting the development and interpretation of indicators for practical policy use and to help improve performance;
  • Knowledge brokering: making Observatory evidence visible and useful to its target audiences by unpacking and sharing it in a range of formats.


For the partnership period 2019-23, the Observatory has four analytic priorities that reflect Europe’s health systems challenges:

  • Economics of health and health systems;
  • Governance for better public health;
  • Organizational models, skill mix and financing for effective integrated care;
  • Implementing organizational and technological innovation.
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Updated on 28 May 2021