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    IMA-AIM can provide you with detailed data on the health care system in Belgium. Their data collection includes information on the reimbursed care and medicines of the 11 million citizens insured in our country. The data is collected by the 7 health insurance funds and processed, analysed and made available for research by IMA-AIM.

    The seven health insurance funds in Belgium collect a lot of data about their members in order to be able to carry out their tasks. IMA-AIM brings these data together in databases for the purpose of analysis and research. The databases contain three types of data: population data (demographic and socio-economic characteristics), information about reimbursed health care and information about reimbursed medicines.

    The Permanent Sample (EPS) is a longitudinal dataset containing data from the Population, Health Care and Pharmanet databases, as well as data on hospitalisations. The data are available in separate datasets per calendar year. The aim of EPS is to make the administrative data of the health insurance funds permanently available to a number of federal and regional partners. More information about the EPS: 


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    Authorised institutions can conduct their own research using the IMA-AIM microdata files. These microdata are pseudonymised data at personal level. These IMA data can also be linked to other databases.

    Because it concerns personal data, you need the permission of the Information Security Committee. For privacy reasons, you as a user only get access to the subsets of the IMA databases that are relevant to your study. The Information Security Committee also requests that data processing be performed under the supervision and responsibility of a physician. The data are made available in a project room to which you have access via a secure internet connection. IMA staff accompany and support users of microdata with a comprehensive service.

    After an intake interview with the applicant, IMA-AIM guides the researchers in their application to the Information Security Committee, in the design of the data route, in the interpretation of the micro-data and in the validation of the results.

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