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    The European Genome-phenome Archive (EGA) is a global network for permanent archiving and sharing of personally identifiable genetic, phenotypic, and clinical data generated for the purposes of biomedical research projects or in the context of research-focused healthcare systems.

    We aim to advance biomedical research and promote personalised medicine worldwide by enabling discovery of and access to human genomic and health research data.

    With our expertise in data management and our technical infrastructure, we promote FAIR data reuse and enable researchers to share their data securely. By leveraging public funding and our strategic partnerships, the EGA provides a free service for permanent data storage, data discovery, and secure data access. In addition, we foster a federated network to provide transnational access to human research data in compliance with legal frameworks. 



    Public funding, mainly through competitive European projects

    Free keywords
    genomics, DNA sequencing, RNA sequencing, genotyping, gene arrays
    Determinants of health » Individual characteristics and behaviours » Individual characteristics
    GEO coverage
    Target Population
    General population
    Age range
    From 0 years to 100 years
    Updating Periodicity
    Personal Identifier
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    Specific Name of Personal Identifier

    A unique identifier is associated with each dataset or study. There is no personal unique identifier (patient level or person level) in the EGA archive.

    Level of aggregation
    Terms of data access

    The EGA archives and stores human genomics and associated clinical descriptions. The EGA is a data processor for the data, not a data controller. Data controllership is maintained by the scientists and institutions who generated the data (made the sequencing). Thus, they have the right and duty to grant or deny access to their datasets, never the EGA.

    Regulations for data sharing

    Access to the data is granted or denied by data controllers, not by the EGA

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    Teresa d'Altri
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    Updated on 31 March 2023