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    The website is a collaboration between the Data & Analysis services of the five Flemish provinces. In every province,

    Data & Analysis offers local authorities and organizations support with policy planning through figures and reports on numerous themes and policy domains, especially through the dashboard and database of Local authorities and organizations can contact the Data & Analysis services for questions about figures, for (environmental) analyzes and for interpretation of figures. The Data & Analysis services are continuously expanding the structural range of figures and reports via

    This is done in collaboration with and at the request of other provincial services, external partners (such as the Flemish Cities Knowledge Center) and local authorities. Figures are used from official data sources, which are made accessible in a user-friendly manner at various area levels, from statistical sectors to regions.

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    Population demograpics
    Determinants of health » Socioeconomic and demographic factors;
    Determinants of health » Physical and social environment
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    Nuts 2
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    General population
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    Province of Antwerp ,
    Province of Limburg,
    Province of East Flanders,
    Province of Flemish Brabant,
    Province of West Flanders
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    Data & Analysis Province of Antwerp
    03 240 61 70


    Data & Analysis Province of Limburg
    011 23 72 35


    Support Center for Data & Analysis East Flanders
    09 267 75 15
    Data and analysis (


    Data & Analysis Support Center Flemish Brabant
    016 26 77 87


    Data & Analysis Support Center West Flanders
    050 40 33 37


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    For the interprovincial operation around D&A:



    Updated on 05 January 2024