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    The Belgian Cancer Registry collects information about all new cancer diagnoses in Belgium and their follow-up. Based on this information it maps out the nature and extent of cancer in Belgium. It regularly bundles this information in a publication. The Belgian Cancer Registry also collects all anatomopathological test results as part of the early screening programs for certain cancers (cervical cancer, breast and colon cancer).

    The Belgian Cancer Registry data are an important source of information for

    • Report
    • Studying the etiology of cancer
    • Evaluation
      • of cancer screening programmes
      • of quality of treatment
    • Analysis of the geographical distribution of
      • different types of cancer
      • cancer incidence
      • trends
      • outcome

    For its general tasks, the Belgian Cancer Registry is funded by RIZIV-INAMI, FOD Volksgezondheid – SPF Santé Publique, Agentschap Zorg en Gezondheid Vlaanderen, la Commission Communautaire Francaise (COCOF), la Commission communautaire commune de Bruxelles-Capitale (COCOM), AVIQ and DGOV.

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    The Belgian Cancer Registry conducts research in association with external parties. These external parties mainly comprise other organisations involved in the field of public health, such as

    Requests for joint research projects may also be submitted by experts in the field, ranging from individual doctors to professional associations or hospitals.

    For each research project in which the Cancer Registry provides personal data, it requests permission from the Information Security Committee before the project begins. Once permission has been obtained, the Belgian Cancer Registry uses exclusively coded data. This avoids direct identification of data subjects involved. Working with coded data allows the Belgian Cancer Registry to also respect the privacy of patients, support workers and care institutions in its research work.

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    Belgian Cancer Registry
    Koningsstraat/Rue Royale 215 Box 7
    1210 Brussels

    Updated on 07 November 2022