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    The Austrian Corona Panel Project by the University of Vienna investigates how information, attitudes, and behaviours are distributed across the population, and how these develop in the course of the crisis. Under the leadership of Bernhard Kittel (Department of Economic Sociology), Sylvia Kritzinger (Department of Government), Hajo Boomgaarden (Department of Communication) and Barbara Prainsack (Department of Political Science), an interdisciplinary team of researchers at the University of Vienna, together with collaborators from other institutions, is addressing questions such as: How do people perceive the new health and economic threats? How do Austrians feel about the political measures taken during the crisis? How do they view the democratic  challenges and the role of the media?

    The study is based on a panel survey with a sample of 1500 respondents, which represents the sociodemographic structure of the Austrian population. Panel survey means that the same people are interviewed repeatedly in order to be able to monitor changes in a time of rapid upheaval. Between the end of March 2020 and the beginning of July 2020 the survey was conducted in a weekly rhythm, from then on the interval was successively increased and since August 2020 the data are collected monthly. The questionnaire contains a set of core questions that is asked in each survey wave as well as changing modules that go deeper into certain dimensions and are surveyed at larger intervals. This makes it possible to monitor important trends and to focus on key issues and aspects such as family, work, politics or media.


    Data collection has been made possible by COVID-19 Rapid Response Grant EI-COV20-006 of the Wiener Wissenschafts- und Technologiefonds (WWTF), financial support by the rectorate of the University of Vienna, and funding by the FWF Austrian Science Fund (P33907). Further funding by the Austrian Social Survey (SSÖ), the Vienna Chamber of Labour (Arbeiterkammer Wien) and the Federation of Austrian Industries (Industriellenvereinigung) is gratefully acknowledged.

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    Communication » Misinformation and disinformation ;
    Determinants of health » Individual characteristics and behaviours ;
    Determinants of health » Socioeconomic and demographic factors ;
    Policy » Adherence/ compliance to measure ;
    Health status » Wellbeing
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    Nuts 2
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    General population
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    From 14 years
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    Terms of data access

    Current pre-releases of the Austrian Corona Panel Data (ACPP) are made available at high speed to all academic researchers, including doctoral and postdoctoral researchers, employed at universities and academic research institutions from around the globe upon conclusion of a data usage agreement.

    The current pre-release of the ACPP data is available in various data formats, including standard data formats such as Stata and SPSS (with German labels), and comes together with a method report (in English) and all questionnaires (in German). To get access to the current pre-release of the Austrian Corona Panel Data, please proceed as follows: Download the Access Request Form and submit your request by e-mail to: A download link will be provided after the application is approved by the Austrian Corona Panel Project team. Please note that the current pre-relase must not be used for any other purposes than academic research, neither for teaching and learning, nor for research by commercial entities.

    Additional versions of the dataset suitable for scientific and public use are available for download via the Austrian Social Science Data Archive (AUSSDA).

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    University of Vienna
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    University of Vienna - Center for Electoral Research
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    University of Vienna, Universitätsring 1, 1010 Vienna, AUSTRIA