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Chemical exposure
Vulnerable population
Aim of the network/project

HBM4EU is coordinating and advancing human biomonitoring in Europe and so provide better evidence of the actual exposure of citizens to chemicals. In addition, we provide a robust interpretation of human biomonitoring data and the possible impact of chemical exposure on human health, using the most up to date scientific tools.

HBM4EU partners effectively communicates results to policy makers, ensuring their exploitation in the design of new chemicals policies and the evaluation of existing measures.

This initiative contributes directly to the improvement of health and well-being for all citizens, by investigating how exposure to chemicals affects the health of different vulnerable groups, such as children and pregnant women, as well as of highly exposed groups like workers.

Data used and produced under HBM4EU will be made accessible via IPCHEM – the Information Platform for Chemical Monitoring. IPCHEM is the European Commission’s reference access point for searching, accessing and retrieving chemical occurrence data collected and managed in Europe. 

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Updated on 08 August 2022