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EURIPID is a voluntary, non-profit collaboration of the European pricing and reimbursement authorities for the mutual sharing of information regarding pharmaceutical pricing policies and prices of medicinal products. Its main objective is to make pricing procedures and prices of pharmaceuticals more transparent in Europe. In order to do so, the EURIPID Collaboration set up and maintains a technical tool, the EURIPID database. The EURIPID database is a comprehensive, continuously maintained, easy-to-use online database of prices of reimbursed pharmaceuticals. The database is a resource tool for members of the EURIPID Collaboration and exclusively accessiblee for the national competent authorities of its participating countries and the services of the European Commission.

The EURIPID Collaboration consists of (1) founding members, (2) partners, (3) associated partners and (4) the European Commission (EC). Regarding its governance structure, the EURIPID Collaboration has a Board of Participants and an Executive Committee. The Board of Participants includes one delegate per country and a representative of the EC. The Executive Committee has six members: the delegates of the two founders, three delegates of the Board of Participants and one representative of the EC.

The EURIPID Collaboration is currently funded by an annual contribution fee of the participants and – for defined tasks (e.g. the public website) and deliverables – two grants of the European Commission awarded in 2019 and 2023.

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Updated on 13 October 2023