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Welcome to the one-stop shop that facilitates access to population health and health care data, information and expertise across Europe

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What data is available across Europe? How can I access it? If we want to reap the value of data, it needs to become both more visible and far more accessible. This is facilitated through the Health Information Portal. Find the network, expert, data or publication you are looking for in Europe without having to search each country individually.


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FAIR catalogue

The development makes use of standards as given by the FAIR principles (Findable, Accessible, Interoperable, and Reusable). The portal now offers a FAIR catalogue with overviews of COVID-19 population health data sources, studies and capacity building excercises. The essential actors to provide the necessary information to feed the portal are the networks of the National Nodes (NN), based on the Joint Action on Health Information (InfAct) framework

The portal was developed as part of the activities of the Joint Action on Health Information (InfAct) as a cornerstone of the Distributed Infrastructure on Population Health (DIPoH). The Population Health Information Research Infrastructure (PHIRI) is expanding the reach of the portal to also include population health information, data and expertise related to COVID-19. 


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