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PHIRI has developed a variety of tools that can be immediately reused by researchers interested in doing research reusing observational data. These tools have been implemented and tested to support the development of a variety of studies on the indirect effects of the COVID19 pandemic [].

Tools in PHIRI are digital objects that researchers can download, adapt and apply to their own research questions. Among those digital objects you will find common data models, including synthetic data sets, quality assessment scripts and analytical algorithms and the PHIRI app

PHIRI has also developed this interactive demonstrator that will enable you to participate in one the research PHIRI projects. If you are interested in the delay of treatments in breast cancer women during the period of movement restrictions in April 2020, you will be able to run your analyses locally using the PHIRI methodology and compare your results with those in the rest of the countries. 


Take first a look at the current comparative analyses. Now, see how you have to proceed using the PHIRI App. Now, download the PHIRI App, run your analyses and upload your results. Enjoy the journey.