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Manual for National Nodes for the Health Information Portal

The manual is intended for people who are contact persons of NNs, and also to people who will prepare part of the data needed in the NN description, helping the contact person to complete the description.

National Node Manual

As announced several times, the WP7 and WP8 teams of InfAct have been working really hard on the Health Information Platform development for more than last nine months. During the last month, we tried to improve the users' experience for those who will enter the data for National Nodes (NN).  By finishing this task, we came to the point that information on NNs needs to be entered. This could be naturally done only by countries themselves. Therefore we prepare a few starting points:

  • You will need your PHIRI SharePoint log-in credentials (user ID and password). In case you lost it or can not find the mail with the credentials, please contact coordinating team at Sciensano at or 
  • The initial page for the portal is, then you have to click on button LOG IN WITH SCIENSANO IDP; then you enter the Sharepoint credentials.
  • We initially created all the NNs with coordinating institutions and coordinating person. These two pieces of information are obligatory and in some cases where the existance and leadership of NN were not really clear, we entered the institutions participating in InfAct, and the corresponding person. Please feel free to correct this information if necessary.
  • We prepared a manual, which gives you some technical advice (how to log in, URL address, where is help, etc) and the methodological content of the NN description. 
  • The manual describes all the information that are to be provided. At the end of the manual, there is an overview table of all the variables. As it is written in the manual, we advice you (or the person that will upload the necessary information) to prepare the information in advance, especially info on health information sources and dissemination items. Then your work will be much easier. 

The Health Information Portal will be opened to the public as soon as there will be enough information uploaded. Therefore, we believe it is necessary to enter the basic information for each of the invited countries (contact and overview), information on the HI sources that are managed in majority of countries (which are these - see manual, page 16) and as much of dissemination as possible.



The manual is intended for people who are the contact persons of Research Networks (RN) and for people who will prepare part of the data needed in the RN description to help the contact person to complete the description.

Research Network Manual

Please note: the manual is a living document and we would highly appreciate your feedback if you think certain part of the manual are unclear or outdated and should be changed.